From the Texplasts Team

TexPlasts lands in Canada and the journey continues

Ahmad Tufail, Business Development Head of TexPlasts startup, embarked on a pivotal journey to Ontario, driven by the vision of expanding TexPlasts' sustainable impact in North American market. There, he engaged in a eventful meeting with Zavosh Zaboliyan, the International Growth Manager of Spring Impact Startup. Their dialogue was infused with strategic foresight as they explored the prospects of incorporating TexPlasts within the Canadian market. Ahmad's expertise in sustainable materials, combined with Zavosh's acumen in international growth strategies, painted a promising picture of TexPlasts' potential integration into Canada's business landscape, starting a new chapter of sustainable innovation on a global scale.

TexPlasts extends its appreciation to Zavosh for his unwavering faith in our journey's potential and for providing visionary counsel that will be instrumental in transitioning TexPlasts' conceptualization into tangible reality.