From the Texplasts Team

"TexPlasts Shines Bright: Advancing to Ajujaht (Brain Hunt) Season 16's Top 20"

Ajujaht is the best-known platform for start-ups in Estonia, offering an intensive and high-level accelerator programme for growth, an experienced mentoring network, financial awards and the opportunity to raise capital from well-known investors. The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition (on Estonian national television) is a collaboration between the public and private sectors.

In season 16, Ajujaht received 120 applications from Estonia and abroad, in total of 12 countries. The “Ajujaht” jury selected the 40 best teams which continued their journey in the next stage. The chosen teams participated in two-day boot camps from which the 20 best startups were selected to continue their journey in the accelerator program.

During the extensive duration of the program spanning from April to September, TexPlasts, among several other top-quality startups, actively participated in a variety of enriching activities. These included immersive workshops, enlightening seminars, inspiring founder tales, insightful investor meetups, and notably, consistent mentoring sessions guided by our designated Ajujaht mentor, Raul Liive, who serves as the Head of Product at Veriff.

Reflecting on our journey, it is evident that the Ajujaht program equipped us with a comprehensive and diverse range of business knowledge. Moreover, it facilitated invaluable connections within the investor community. For a growing startup like ours, poised for ambitious growth, this program has proven to be an indispensable asset, providing the perfect launchpad for our endeavors.